Jun 12, 2010

well its hot down south this time of year ,but so what just have to make the best of it, so off we go . there is a ride every year about this time over in the sandhills (as we call it) so my friend bernie (river earth.com) and i decided to drive our mules the 23 miles to get there.this was going to be an exciting trip because we had gotten premission to go and see how an army air field works. so off we go making a pitstop at the local store on the corner for a few supplies then off to camp mackall army air field man what a treat.as we arrived my friend bill said come on up and see how things work around here.just think two mule skinners learning how to keep up with aircraft flying around, but we soon learned a lot goes on up in that control tower such as monitoring the weather and keeping up with aircraft in the air and on the ground,arnt yaw glad they didnt turn this job over to us mule skinners.well after about a 3 hour tour time to move on ,as we headed out the back gate there was a creek across the road so here we go splash then on to the field trail barn where the ride was going to be the next day, well we made camp about dark . we had two days of great riding then it was off toward home .on sunday morning my friend lindsay said i want to sadle along side you guys home so we said come on love to have ya. well off we go about 5 miles down the road we made a stop at a store for a rest then across the big road to more dirt roads ,boy was it getting hot about 90 or so we had picked a different route back but still going through camp mackall .we had to stop and take a break so it was a must that we stop and see the train to nowhere you see we call it the train to nowhere because it just dosnt go anywhere the army had put the train in the woods for training.well down the trail we headed as we got closer to my farm the road got narrow and winding then there it was the last hill in hoke county home that is ,or out rider said man am i glad to see that place ,hats off to the lady she had made it 24 miles home.

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