Jul 12, 2009

its hot in the south most of the summer but we caught a break the last part of the week, my friend billy arrived thursday to ride with me billy has an eye diesease that has left him with only 15% of his vision.so we were of to hook 4 mules up to the wagon ,we had hooked my to older mules in the front and to three year old mules in the back as wheelers .well we were off to good start the weather was unusually cool for july only 82 for a high .after going about 15 miles we had decided to try and trot 4 mules up ,and it worked out untill the front mules traces came lose and they all pilled in the ditch ,but we were ok. so we unhooked the to front mules and got back strait in the road then hooked them back in front and off we went to we kenago farm for a night ride .e decided to work the to young mules friday ,so danny our friend had arrived early also .we rode off friday toword a monument on kiney cameron lake .during ww2 eight patroopers lost there life by drowning in the lake .they had mistaken the lake for the drop zone so we droped by and payed our respect for the soldiers that lost there life that night . then off to ride at night,being raised in the sandhills of north carolina we have often rode at night.its just great having a sixty thousand acre play ground ,as the moon came up it almost became daylight you can see great because the sand is white .we had a great time ,we rode from 9 pm untill 4.30 am and covered almost 26 miles .what a blast we had 6 wagons pulled by mules and only 6 sadle riders .then saturday night we went on a shorter ride only untill 1 30 am .